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Pronounced “Ho-Ho-Ba,” Jojoba oil is known the world over as an all-around excellent replacement for naturally occurring oils in human skin and hair. As such, the benefits of Jojoba oil abound.
Jojoba oil is, in fact, a misnomer. It isn’t really an oil at all, but more of a semi-viscous wax. Because it is so similar to sebum (the oil found in human skin) the application of Jojoba oil to problematic skin can fool the skin into believing on a cellular level that it is producing enough oil, which triggers a balance in natural oil production.
Because Jojoba oil is a naturally occurring compound with such similarities to the oil produced by human skin, it is less prone to clog pores and lead to the exacerbation of acne, making it non-comedogenic.
There are also several other benefits of Jojoba oil. Here are just a few:
1. Aside from the potential embarrassment of dandruff, a dry scalp can cause a number of other discomforts. Jojoba oil works to relieve itchiness and moisturize the scalp and hair follicles without causing further irritation. This also helps to reduce the amount of hair shed by an irritated scalp.

2. Jojoba oil can help add volume and body to flat or thin hair. By stimulating blood flow to the scalp, it helps to reduce thinning hair, and strengthen the shafts. Also, because of its vitamin and nutrient content (including Vitamins B and E), Jojoba oil helps prevent and repair the brittleness of hair that often occurs from the constant swelling and reduction of individual hair strands that occurs with washing and drying.

3. One of the most renowned benefits of Jojoba oil is that it provides symptom relief to those who suffer from psoriasis. Because of its inherent anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, Jojoba oil helps reduce the swelling and redness associated with psoriasis while preventing further infection and irritation. Acting as a sort of conditioner for affected skin, it reduces the signature scaly patches of skin produced by chronic skin condition and thereby helps to bolster the self-confidence of sufferers.

4. Again, because of its antimicrobial properties, Jojoba oil helps prevent the pores of the face from becoming clogged with bacteria, which can lead to blackheads and acne. By helping to regulate the skin's oil production, Jojoba oil reduces the amount of natural oils produced which further minimizes clogged pores.

5. Because of its soothing properties, Jojoba oil provides much-needed relief to those who suffer irritation from shaving. When applied before shaving, the oil softens the hair follicles and skin to allow for a closer shave with fewer resulting bumps, rashes, or razor burn.
There are a multitude of other benefits of Jojoba oil which include treating sunburn, helping minor wounds heal, keeping fingernails and cuticles healthy, and lessening the appearance of wrinkles, and relieving the symptoms of rosacea, cystic acne, and eczema.

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