*Commercial name: Organic Colorless Jojoba Oil.
*Description: Virgin Oil Obtained From Organic Jojoba Seeds. With No Additives
*Extraction method: Produced By Cold Press Of Ripe Organic Jojoba Seeds.
*appearance: Clear Oil; Very Light Odor.
*Shelf life: 3 years. Stored in a dark, cool place.

Specific gravity 0.85-0.87
Moisture and insoluble impurities Max. 0.1%
Acid value Max. 2
Free Fatty Acids (% Oleic acid) Max. 1
Peroxide values (mequ O2/Kg oil) Max. 2
Saponification value (mg KOH/g) 90-95
Unsaponifiable matter (g/100g) 45-55
Iodine value 80-90%
Color Gardner < 1
Refractive index 1.46-1.468
Microbial total contamination(CFU) Max.50/1 gr
Pesticides residue none
Fatty acid composition SPECIFICATIONS
C16:0 palmitic acid Max. 3%
C16:1 palmitoleic acid Max. 1%
C18:0 stearic acid Max. 5%
C18:1 oleic acid 5-13%
C20:0 arachidic acid Max. 3%
C20:1 gadoleic acid Min. 65%
C22:0 behenic acid Max. 1%
C22:1 erucic acid 10-20%
C24:1 nervonic acid Max. 3%
Other fatty acids Max. 3%
Wax esters composition (%) SPECIFICATIONS
C36 Max. 2%
C38 Max. 10%
C40 26-37%
C42 44-56%
C44 8-13%
C46 Max. 3%

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Organic Colorless Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil has many uses in skin and hair care cosmetics. Is ideal for this because of its very rapid absorption capability into the skin.
Although defined as an oil, Jojoba is suitable for the treatment of oily and acne-prone skin. This is because Jojoba oil prevents the body from producing excess sebum (sebaceous glands secretions). It contains Myristic acid which is an anti-inflammatory and treats inflamed skin quickly and effectively.
Jojoba oil is considered naturally hypo-allergenic, and as such is also good for sensitive skin and for people who are allergic to skin and hair treatments. Jojoba seed oil helps treat scars, post- pregnancy stretch marks, acne, psoriasis and other skin conditions.
Jojoba oil is extremely durable and is not easily oxidized. This oil has a particularly long shelf life, and, with proper storage, can remain fresh even after three or more years. Even at high temperatures, it will not undergo any chemical reactions or chemical changes. It also remains a liquid even at low temperatures.

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